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David Thibodeau

Former Branch Davidian
Survivor of the Waco Siege
David Thibodeau was born and raised in Bangor, Maine while spending a few years in South Portland. He is a survivor of the tragedy that unfolded at Mount Carmel near Waco, Texas 27 years ago. In February 1993, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raided David Koresh's Branch Davidian home, a small religious community, triggering a drawn-out gun battle that resulted in many lost lives. After a 51-day standoff, the conflict ends when an FBI assault leads to a fire that engulfs the Branch Davidian home, killing 76 people, most of which were Thibodeau’s friends and people he considers family. A Place Called Waco: A Survivor's Story is a book Thibodeau wrote in 1999 about his experience at Mount Carmel. David Thibodeau’s book was noticed by John Dowdle who made it into Paramount Network’s six-part miniseries about the events that took place between February 28th and April 19th, 1993. The six-part scripted series "Waco" dramatizes one of the most misunderstood stories in American history. David has lived in Los Angeles, Austin, Waco and Maine. Thibodeau enjoys playing the drums and has been in many bands, including Why Am I, Lefty, Phatt Sally, Dakota, Sideways, and the Blast Addicts. He also recorded two original CD’s, one of which was with the band Lefty and the other with The Blast Addicts. He continues to spread the shocking truth about what happened at Mount Carmel. David is frequently featured on Podcasts, documentaries and TV shows but he really likes to give talks for live audiences that come from all over to hear his story. David also loves speaking to High School and College students all over the Country.